Things to Do in Sharpsburg, MD

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Historic Sites Maryland Highway 65, Sharpsburg, MD MoreLess Info
Antietam National Battlefield is a designated area along the Antietam River which marks the location of the historic Battle of Antietam fought in 1862. The site consists of the battlefield, a military cemetery, a visitor center, and the famous Burnside's Bridge.
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Bridges 5831 Dunker Church Road, Sharpsburg, MD MoreLess Info
Featuring a stone arch bridge across Antietam Creek, Burnside's Bridge is a historic landmark of the Civil War. Visitors can walk along the bridge and enjoy the forest scenery surrounding the creek.
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Other Tours Sharpsburg, MD 21782 MoreLess Info
R.C.M History Tours provides informative tours about the Civil War. Tour guide Bob Murphy has a deep historical knowledge of the war. During the trip, you will pass by mountains, rivers and rolling fields.
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Cemeteries Sharpsburg, MD MoreLess Info
Antietam National Cemetery, a part of the Antietam National Battlefield, is the final resting place of many Union soldiers who fought in the Battle of Antietam, as well as other war veterans.
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History Museums 18906 Shepherdstown Pike, Sharpsburg, MD MoreLess Info
Pry House Field Hospital Museum is a two-story building which served as the headquarters of the Union Army before. It has exhibits showing the items and methods used to treat wounded soldiers during the Battle of Antietam.
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Other Tours Antietam Battlefield, Sharpsburg, MD MoreLess Info
A farm called Bonnymeed Farm offers historic horse and carriage guided tours for children and adults. There are three tours with one of them covering the Battlefield of Antietam and includes a traditional picnic lunch from 1862.
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Kayaking Sharpsburg, MD MoreLess Info
One of the many tributaries of the Potomac River, Antietam Creek flows past the battlefied of historic Battle of Antietam and offers historic sightseeing, camping, canoeing and more.
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Historic Buildings Sharpsburg, MD MoreLess Info
A schoolhouse in which the first free African American children received an education after the end of the Civil War, Tolson's Chapel is rich with history. Visitors can tour the inside of the small building.
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Historic Sites 2406 Chestnut Grove Road, Sharpsburg, MD 21782 MoreLess Info
Now a National Historic Landmark, The Kennedy Farm was built in the 1850s by Dr. Robert F. Kennedy. It was once rented by John Brown, of the Harper's Ferry Raid. The building has been thoroughly restored.
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Historic Sites 16500 Shepherdstown pike (MD34), Sharpsburg, MD MoreLess Info
Also known as Ferry Hill Place, Ferry Hill Plantation is a historic building that has been a private home, a restaurant, and the headquarters for C&O Canal. The building is now a visitor center, with a variety of informative exhibits.
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