Things to Do in Oregon City, OR

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Winery/Vineyard 1555 12th St SE, Ste 130, Salem, OR 97302 MoreLess Info
Built in 1995, the Santiam Wine Company is a winery that offers wines from around the globe as well as wine tastings every Friday. The company holds a different special event every Wednesday.
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Nature & Wildlife Areas 70543 NE Herman Loop, Cascade Locks, OR MoreLess Info
The Bonneville Fish Hatchery is a huge place to learn and discover new things about marine life. Be amazed with the many and different interpretive glass case displays that they have.
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Other Amusement 70543 Northeast Herman Loop, Cascade Locks, OR 97014 MoreLess Info
If you love marine life then visiting the Sturgeon Viewing Pond and Interpretive Center is your piece of cake. Get to learn that sturgeons are historic fishes with no bones. You can view young sturgeons and an old sturgeon spanning 10-feet in length.
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Fishing 70543 NE Herman Loop, Cascade Locks, OR 97014 MoreLess Info
Constructed in 1909, the Bonneville Dam Fish Hatchery is a location where visitors can observe a large variety of fish species. Visitors commonly enjoy feeding the many fish varieties that live there.
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Winery/Vineyard 15765 SW Muddy Valley Rd, McMinnville, OR MoreLess Info
Set in the scenic and serene farmland of Oregon, the Maysara Winery includes a variety of wines for sale or just for tasting. Fresh grapes can also be bought on the property.
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Hot Springs & Geysers Estacada, OR MoreLess Info
Austin Hot Springs is a natural hot spring heated by volcanic activity. There are several suitable spots to soak within the spring but it is recommended to carry a waterproof thermometer when visiting to avoid 'scald spots.'
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Parks 2200 Minto Island Road SE, Salem, OR MoreLess Info
As of 2013, native grasses are being restored to the Minto Brown Park. Visitors can expect to see this restoration, along with a large off-leash area for pets, and 14 hiking trails ranging from .11 miles to 1.89 miles.
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Winery/Vineyard 1754 Best Rd NW, Salem, OR 97304 MoreLess Info
Cubanisimo Vineyards is nestled among the snow capped mountains of Salem, Oregon. Distinguished by a pronounced Cuban identity, the winery offers a variety of wines paired with Cuban tapas, and even hosts Cuban dance lessons.
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Other Landmarks Cascade Locks, OR 97014 MoreLess Info
Parts of the Bonneville Lock & Dam are a declared National Historic Landmark and it is home to several powerhouses. People can come here to enjoy the view, learn about the powerhouse and check out the migrating fish and fish hatcheries.
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Winery/Vineyard 6057 Orchard Heights Rd NW, Salem, OR 97304 MoreLess Info
The Orchard Heights Winery is a winery that is situated in the foothills of the Coast Range Mountains . The vineyard is made up of 15-acres of land that includes apple orchards, pear trees, and cherry trees.