Things to Do in Richmond, CA

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Scenic Drives Berkeley, CA MoreLess Info
Centennial Drive is a winding mountain road which is a bit difficult to find but does offer many scenic attractions along its route such as UC Botanical Gardens, Lawrence Hall of Science and some stunning views of the Bay.
6.9 Miles
100% 15 votes
Bookstores 2476 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94704 MoreLess Info
Located near the campus of University of California, Moe's Books is a great place to buy, sell or trade books. Open seven days a week, the store has an impressive collection of books, both new and used, which are available at a reasonable price.
7.0 Miles
90% 40 votes
Cultural Centers 3105 Shattuck Ave. between Prince and Woolsy, Berkeley, CA MoreLess Info
Started by a multi-racial group, La Pena Cultural Center is making connections between art and politics. They host different events, encouraging people to share other cultures and traditions worldwide.
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Scenic Walks Tiburon, CA 94920 MoreLess Info
Used by joggers, cyclists, and walkers, Tiburon Multi-Use Path offers a paved path through the surrounding wetlands. There is a gazebo that has benches for visitors to enjoy panoramic views of the bay from.
7.2 Miles
92% 24 votes
Specialty Museums 1920 Paradise Drive, Tiburon, CA MoreLess Info
Collecting and preserving artifacts of the rich waterfront history of the area, the Railroad & Ferry Depot Museum is a must see. Exhibits cover the creation and discovery of the railroad and water transportation that made this town irreplaceable.
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Botanical Gardens 200 Centennial Dr, Berkeley, CA 94720 MoreLess Info
The spacious and verdant UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley is a hotspot of horticultural preservation, cultivation and research. It contains over 2,000 plant species and roughly 20,000 individual plants. Lilies, orchids and plants in the sunflower family are particularly abundant.
7.3 Miles
91% 89 votes
Other Services 21 Main Street, Tiburon, CA 94920 MoreLess Info
Angel Island - Tiburon Ferry is the only way to get to the island without paddling a personal boat. The service includes ferry transportation, bay cruises, or charters and events.
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Sailing Paradise Cay Marina, Tiburon, CA MoreLess Info
Desiderata Sailing is a yacht rental service that allows visitors to charter a boat for a variety of activities around San Francisco. They schedule and plan each trip individually, and offer day excursions and overnight trips.
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Hiking Trails Tiburon, CA MoreLess Info
Spanning several miles, Perimeter Trail takes hikers around Angel Island State Park. Along with hiking, the trail is frequently used by other outdoor enthusiasts including bicyclers, runners and bird/wildlife watchers.
7.3 Miles
100% 74 votes
Hiking Trails Centennial Dr, Just East of Memorial Stadium, Berkeley, CA 94704 MoreLess Info
Berkeley Fire Trails is a seven mile round trip trail featuring scenic views of southern San Francisco. The trail winds its way through Strawberry Canyon and is relatively flat for the most part, with one particularly steep incline.
Showing 61-70 of 1883