Things to Do in Placerville, CA

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FAA–certified flight instructor gives ground instruction before a 30-minute flight over Placerville with student at controls
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Forests South Lake Tahoe / Placerville area, Placerville, CA 95667 MoreLess Info
The immense Eldorado National Forest is located in Placerville, California. The Forest has more than 80 camp sites and abundant picnic facilities. It also contains many lakes and popular hiking trails.
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Farms & Ranches 2952 Carson Road, Placerville, CA 95709 MoreLess Info
Placerville's Apple Hill is a unique produce cooperative, farm and country store. Its apple and pumpkin pies are legendary and must be ordered well in advance of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Apple Hill also has an on-site bakery and Christmas tree farm.
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Winery/Vineyard 1709 Carson Road, Placerville, CA MoreLess Info
Placerville is home to the Boeger Winery, an award-winning small-batch winery that grows most of its own grapes. The winery specializes in unusual varieties not commonly sold in liquor stores and wine boutiques.
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Winery/Vineyard 2221 Fruitridge Road, Placerville, CA MoreLess Info
Perched at the foot of the Sierra Foothills, the Lava Cap Winery is a treat for the eyes and taste buds. It is open daily, except on major holidays, and offers tastings between 11 AM and 5 PM.
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Historic Sites Log Cabin Ravine Drive off Bedford Ave., Placerville, CA 95667 MoreLess Info
Pretend to be a miner at Hangtown's Gold Bug Park. Here, you can travel through a recreated mine shaft and learn about mining history. Great for kids and adults, but not for the claustrophobic.
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Farms & Ranches Placerville, CA MoreLess Info
Located in Placerville, California, the High Hill Ranch is a fruit farm most respected for its many heirloom apple varieties. It is a member of the Apple Hill collective and has a wood shop on its campus.
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Farms & Ranches Placerville, CA MoreLess Info
Scenic Able's Acres is an apple farm and a member of the Apple Hill growers' collective. It sells many kinds of apples, baked goods, fruit butters, spices, chocolates, ciders and other apple-based products. Visitors are welcome from September to Christmas.
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Monuments Placerville, CA MoreLess Info
The most notable landmark in downtown Placerville, California is the Bell Tower. It is also one of the oldest parts of the city. The Bell Tower stands as a monument to fallen firefighters.
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Winery/Vineyard 741 Cold Springs Road, Placerville, CA 95667 MoreLess Info
Placerville, California is home to the David Girard Vineyard, a fine winery most respected for its Rhone-style products. Tours of the winery and the estate are available, and visitors are welcome to enjoy picnics on the vineyard grounds.
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Haunted Tours Main Street, Placerville, CA 95667 MoreLess Info
Ghost Tours of Placerville offer guided tours of the historic and supposedly haunted historic districts in this town, which traces its lineage back to the gold rush days of 1849. The weekend tours must be booked in advance by reservation.
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