The Ultimate Bowling Resource Guide

Bowling has long been a favorite family pastime and date night activity. It’s also a very serious competitive sport. Whether you have never bowled before, are a casual weekend bowler, or want to eventually go pro, you’ll find something useful here. Unfortunately, many of the bowling sites on the Internet are just pages full of equipment ads and offer little to no valuable information. The resources collected here are all helpful, easy to use, and totally free.

Resources for Beginner Bowlers

For the newbie bowler, a first game can be a little intimidating – especially if everyone else seems to know what they’re doing. Not to worry, because there are plenty of places you can go to learn a few things beforehand. Try looking through these pages and you’ll find everything a new bowler should know.

Learn to Bowl — Read through this article, full of great information for the fledgling bowler. There are links to lots of other helpful articles, too.

How to Bowl — If you’re completely unfamiliar with bowling and need a crash course in how it’s played along with some related terminology, read this 19-step WikiHow article and you’ll be ready to play.

Bowling Cheat Sheet — This page, from the “For Dummies” franchise, will give you a Bowling 101 rundown of the basics in a fun to read format.

Bowling Tips for Beginners — This is a really excellent article for the first-time bowler to read before heading to the local lanes. Get caught up on rules, technique, and bowling alley etiquette here.

Beginner Bowling Articles — If you’re still looking for beginner tips, look through this collection of articles written just for those who are starting out in the sport. There are guides to proper technique, questions to ask yourself before buying a ball or shoes, tips for avoiding common mistakes, and lots more.

Great Bowling Sites

Keep these links handy if you plan to keep bowling. You’ll be able to connect with bowlers from all over the world, learn tips and tricks from the pros, watch instructional videos, and so much more. Whether you’re writing a report and need historical facts about bowling or trying to find ratings for local bowling alleys, these sites are some of the best and most comprehensive you’ll find.There’s also plenty of great information about taking things to the next level and entering the world of competitive bowling.

Go Bowling — Go Bowling is one of the biggest and best sites working to connect people with nearby bowling alleys no matter where they live. Use it to find bowling allies, tournaments, or leagues all over the U.S. — If you want to get serious about your bowling and learn more about joining a league and competing in tournaments, bookmark this site. It is constantly updated with new information about professional bowling competitions and events, and is always completely free to use. — Check out this large online community of bowling enthusiasts for help with anything from technique to finding a league and lots more. The site is never stale, as new posts are always being added.

Bowling Digital — If you want to know what’s going on with bowling around the world, keep this link handy. This high quality site covers the International bowling scene better than anyone.

Just For Fun

When you can’t make it to the local bowling alley, visit one or more of these sites for a little virtual bowling fun. Test your knowledge with trivia, tests, and quizzes about every aspect of bowling. Then, let loose and spend some time playing some arcade-style bowling games on trusted sites.

Bowling Quizzes — If you really want to test your bowling know-how, try visiting this page. Just select from among the quizzes (with titles like “Bowling Ball Technology” and “Obscure Bowling Facts”) and see how well you know your stuff.

Club 300 Bowling — From ESPN’s online arcade comes this highly popular – and free – bowling simulation game. Play to win and you just might make the 300 Club one day.

Bowling Trivia Quizzes — This page is full of user-created quizzes about all kinds of bowling-related topics. Have fun testing your knowledge about bowling movies, bowling terminology, and more. Some quizzes are better and more relevant than others, but the most popular ones rise to the top of the list quickly.

Bowling Games — Try these simple and silly – but fun – bowling games from You’ll have to sit through a short advertisement before each game, but playing is free.

More Handy Bowling Sites

This guide wouldn’t be complete without including the following sites. From the simple (like basic rules) to the more involved (like up-to-the-minute industry news), there’s a lot more great information about the world of bowling to be found. These resources are of good quality, provide accurate and reliable information, and are maintained by people who are passionate about the game.

PBA Bowling Rules — Find the official rules of the game on the Professional Bowlers Association website. Click around the site for lots of industry goodies like stats, news, and articles.

Help With Bowling — This site is dedicated to helping you improve your game. You’ll find so much information here, you’ll probably want to bookmark it so that you can come back again from time to time. There are articles on everything from how to dress for a bowling date to tips for bowling the elusive perfect 300 point game.

Go Bowling Blog — This is a great blog for all bowlers to follow since it’s kept buzzing with fresh content and fun features. There are articles on everything you can imagine – like equipment tests and reviews, how to organize a charity game, and even which celebrities are bowlers.

Steve’s Bowling Blog — This blog is updated – usually on a daily basis – with all kinds of cool bowling-related content. Opinion articles, equipment reviews, and high quality videos are just some of the things you’ll find here.