Ultimate Tennis Resource Guide

Tennis evolved from a 13th-century French handball game named jeu de paume or “game of the palm.” Today, the game is considered a complex racket-and-ball sport, which is played by professionals in leagues, as a team sport in schools and as a hobby for tennis enthusiasts. Below, you’ll find all sorts of resources for learning about famous tennis players, explanations of game rules, helpful tutorials and tips, entertaining and informative blogs and podcasts, tennis-related apps and more. No matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced player, you’re sure to find something helpful within the 40 resources offered below.


General Tennis Resources

Within this general resources section, you’ll find information about the history of tennis, locations of tennis facilities, information about famous tennis players, explanation of tennis terminology and more.

A Brief History of Tennis – Read about the centuries-long history of tennis on the official site for the Olympic Games.

Global Tennis Network – GTN allows users to connect with other tennis players online and search for nearby tennis courts.

Play Tennis – This site offers tennis enthusiasts to locate a tennis partner by zip code. All that’s required is a free sign up.

Tennis Maps – This site uses satellite images to find tennis courts in your neighborhood, which can save you some drive time. You can also look for courts with lights or private clubs.

Tennis Terminology – Take a look at this extensive, alphabetized compilation of tennis terms to help you better understand tennis jargon.

Famous Tennis Players – From the likes of Arthur Ashe to Anna Kournikova, you’ll find pictures and bios for tennis greats.

How to Find the Perfect Tennis Racket – Check out this detailed infographic that will help you sort out all the different types of rackets and their available features.


Tennis Rules

When it comes to playing any type of game, including tennis, the rules are paramount. Learn about the different rules of the game — on and off the court.

Tennis Rules Simplified – Explore these 10 tennis rules that will help you understand how this popular game works.

Tennis Scoring System – Learn about the official scoring system used in tennis and how to apply it to your competitions.

Serve Rules – Serve rules detailed in this article include simple serves, first and second serves and serve volley.

International Tennis Federation Rules – Follow the link and find downloadable PDFs of tennis rules in French, English and Spanish.

Proper Tennis Etiquette – Tennis etiquette is basically a set of unwritten rules each player needs to follow to avoid conflicts on the court.

Courtside Etiquette   – Etiquette for spectators of tennis games is arguably as important as etiquette for players. Find out the basics.


Tennis Tips

This extensive list of tennis tips addresses some of the most common needs of players. Check them out below.

How to Warm Up Before a Match – Check out this 10-15 minute pre-match warm up that includes cardio, muscle activation, range of motion and shadowing.

How to Serve in Tennis – Tom Avery, a tennis coach with over 35 years of coaching experience, gives helpful tips and techniques for serving correctly in this video.

Perfecting Your Tennis Serve Grip Technique – To hit a proper tennis serve, you need to have an effective grip technique. Learn about it with this resource so you can start applying it today.

5 Tips to Help Children Improve Their Tennis Serve – Learn from a tennis pro how to instruct children improve their tennis serve and become more successful at this fundamental part of the game.

How to Beat a Pusher in Singles Tennis – Players termed “pushers” are able to keep the ball in play consistently without any great technical skill. Learn some techniques for defeating them.

How to Hit a One-Handed Backhand like Roger Federer   – Federer is a master of the one-handed backhand, so how does he do it? Check out this helpful video that outlines his strategies and gives you simple steps to use them as your own.

Two-Handed Backhand Technique – Learn how to perfect this type of technique by viewing video, screenshots and detailed analysis of analysis of pro-player Fernando Verdasco’s backhand.

Coaching Tips – Groundstrokes – Check out these various questions and answers concerning groundstrokes from tennis coach Dave Winship.

Tennis Volley Tips – These detailed tips with video examples can help you develop your forehand and backhand volley.

How to Beat a Power Baseliner in Tennis – A power baseliner can be a tough opponent to beat. Find out this type of player’s typical weaknesses and how to neutralize him.


Tennis Tutorials

Take advantage of these free instructional videos and courses that will help you play your best tennis game ever.

Tennis Evolution – Former Top 100 ATP pro Jeff Salzenstein offers a wide variety of high-quality courses covering all aspects of tennis

Fuzzy Yellow Balls – From tennis instructor Will Hamilton comes this site full of free instructional videos that will help you perfect your skills and your game.

Essential Tennis – Join online course creator and former on-court tennis teacher Ian Westermann for tons of helpful videos that will assist you in improving your tennis game.

Feel Tennis – All you have to do is sign up to take advantage of free online tennis lessons and receive regularly updated tips on techniques and tactics.

Tennis Instructional Videos – Find a helpful and free collection of tennis instructional videos by following the link.


Tennis Blogs

Learn about the latest information and news related to the tennis industry by checking out one of these top blogs.

Tennis Blog – Visit this blog to read advice from tennis coaches and experts that will help you develop as a strong tennis player.

Wimbledon Blog – If you’re interested in current updates and news about The Championships, Wimbledon Grand Slam Tennis, look no further.

Tennis Now – Tennis Now offers news, blogs, forum discussions and more. You can also engage in social networking with other tennis players and coaches in your area.

Tennis X – For up-to-date tennis news, opinion and analysis, Tennis X is your destination.


Tennis Podcasts

Glean tennis tips and stay up-to-date on the sport by taking a listen to one of these top-rated tennis podcasts.

Tennis Files Podcast – Become a better tennis player with host Mehrban Iranshad from Tennis Files, whose goal is to help others improve their game via the best strategies, training methods and techniques.

No Challenges Remain Podcast – Join hosts Ben Rothenberg and Courtney Nguyen for an entertaining, weekly, hour-long podcast about all things tennis.

Essential Tennis Podcast – Tennis professional Ian Westermann answers questions for listeners worldwide in the hopes of helping people become better at playing tennis

The Tennis Podcast – This podcast, hosted by David Law (BBC 5 Live and BT Sport) and Catherine Whitaker (Eurosport), offers interviews with leaders in the sport of tennis as well as plenty of related discussion.


Tennis Apps

Tennis scorekeeping? Tennis rankings? Yes, there are apps for both. Check out some of the best offerings below.

ATP/WTA Live – Track the most current results from the world of pro tennis. The app includes information on tournaments worldwide.

Live Tennis Rankings – Get ATP and WTA rankings projections and results that are consistently updated after each match.

Tennis Buddy – This app can help you locate other nearby tennis players that are looking to hit some balls. You can search for prospective players by location, skill level, age and gender.

Tennis Math – The detailed match logs provided by this app can help you take your game to the next level. Track scores, shot types, errors and more.