Ultimate Surfing Resource Guide

Over 3000 years ago, the art of surfing began in Western Polynesian when fisherman discovered that they could ride the waves on a wooden board to get back to shore after a successful fishing trip. Today, surfing is no longer used as a transportation for work. Instead, it’s considered a sport that will finally make its debut in the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo. Below, you’ll find of resources for learning about notable surfers, exciting destination suggestions, helpful tutorials, entertaining blogs and podcasts, surfing apps and more. No matter what your level of experience as a surfer, you’re sure to find something helpful within the 40 resources offered below.


General Surfing Resources

Within this general resources section, you’ll find information about the history of surfing, how surfboards are made and a glossary of surfing terms.

History of the Surfboard – The surfboards of today are not the same as the surfboards of decades ago. Find out how this surfing tool has evolved over the years.

Inside the Curl: Surfing’s Surprising History  – Check out this article from National Geographic that presents an interview with Peter Westwick and Peter Neushul – surfers and science historians – about the book they wrote called The World in the Curl: An Unconventional History of Surfing.

The Most Important Dates in the History of Surfing – Browse this timeline that details important dates in the history of the sport of surfing.

How Surfboards are Made  – Have you ever wondered how surfboards are made? Find out how in this easy-to-understand explanation.

Glossary of Surfing Terms – Whether you are confused by surfing lingo in general or you just need some information on a few of the terms, this is your go-to guide for answers.


Surfing Tutorials

While no tutorials are a substitute for real-life experience, they are a good starting point or supplemental reference.

Surf Simply Video Tutorials – The video tutorials found here will most likely aid beginners and novices as they address common surfing errors.

Surf Edukators – Discover tutorial articles and videos on surfing techniques such as paddling, turns, stance, duck diving and more.

Learn to Surf – The step-by-step articles on this site were designed to help people who are trying to learn to surf. The site also includes a forum with helpful members who can offer surfing advice.

Surfing Handbook.com – Before you head for the beach with your surfboard, check out these helpful surfing etiquette tips that can help you avoid offending others.

Pop Up Better When Surfing – Mastering an efficient pop-up is essential to surfboarding success. Follow the link to find tips that will help you improve.

How to Get Past the Breaking Waves – If you can stand up on your board and you’re ready to start catching some unbroken waves, this resource is for you.

Surf Ride Tutorials – Discover exercises you can do at home to make you a stronger surfer. In addition, discover how to assemble and maintain your surfing gear with these tutorials.


Notable Surfers

Browse the resources below to discover the most notable surfers in the history of the sport and their contributions.

The 5 Most Influential Professional Female Surfers of All Time – Find out about five female surfers who have had the most impact on the sport.

The 10 Most Pivotal Women in Surfing’s History – The women detailed in this article are ones that have had a significant impact on the sport in one way or another.

Every Best Surfer of the Last Sixteen Years – From Stab magazine comes this article that details the best surfers between the years of 2001-2016.

Famous Male Surfers – Discover photos and information related to the most prominent male surfers who are known for excelling in the sport.


Surfing Destinations

If surfing is already a passion or you’re in the process of making it one, the following resources can help you find a destination that will meet your needs.

World’s 20 Best Surf Towns – Find out about the best surf towns in the world and the specific amenities each destination offers.

Where to Go Surfing in South America – Traveling to an exotic surfing destination is part of the fun of a surfing trip. Yet, once you arrive, you want to be able to start catching some waves. Learn the best places to go surfing in South America.

World’s Best Surf Destinations – Check out Travel Channel’s recommendations for favorite surf destinations around the world.

Top 7 Cheap Surf Destinations for Your Next International Destination – Interested in an international surfing trip, but you need to do it on the cheap? Consider this your go-to resource.

The Best Surf Spots in the World – Browse this guide to discover some of the best surfing destinations the world has to offer.

Five of the Best Places to Learn How to Surf – If you’re still learning to surf, you need to pick a destination that will provide a perfect learning environment. Find out the best places.

The World’s Most Dangerous Waves – From the National Geographic adventure blog comes this article that provides insight from big-wave surfers about the most dangerous wave they have surfed.

The Best Surfing Beaches in Mexico – Before traveling south of the border to surf, check out this article that lists and details the best surfing beaches in Mexico.

The Best Beaches in Hawaii for Learning How to Surf – Hawaii is undeniably a surfer’s paradise, and it can accommodate surfers with varying levels of experience. Find out where pro surfers recommend learning to surf in the aloha state.


Surfing Publications

Stay on top of news, reviews and stunning photography related to surfing by checking out one or more of the following publications.

Eastern Surf Magazine – Visit this digital archive of the magazine to view issues that cover all things related to Eastern coast surfing.

Surf Simply – Enjoy news, opinions and more related to surfing culture, competition and coaching.

Deep – Features, columns, news, local tide charts and more are what you’ll find in this surfing mag based out of Carpentaria, California.

Carve – Written by surfers for surfers, each issue of this magazine offers various surfing-related features, gear reviews and breathtaking photography.


Surfing Blogs and Podcasts

Learn about the latest information and news or the history of surfing by checking out one of these blogs or podcasts.

Surfer Magazine Blogs – Find blogs related to surfing culture, design, news, reviews and more on this site published by Surfer magazine.

Surf Simply: Surf Talk Radio Show – No fluff and filler here! This podcast delivers well-researched information about surf culture, coaching, competition and much more.

Surfer Life – Enjoy interviews with various people in the surfing community – from riders to board designers and makers.

Surf Splendor – This podcast offers conversations about surfing and interviews with surfers, photographers and others involved in the sport.

Encyclopedia of Surfing – This blog focuses on the history of surfing, surfer icons, extinct competitions and more.


Surfing Apps

When it comes to surfing, there’s an app – or several – for whatever you need or want to know. Check out the following ones to see if there’s one you can’t wait to download.

Boardline – Find the perfect board that meets all of your needs with the help of this amazing app.

iSurfer – While not free, this app is a bargain at 99 cents due to the information and videos it provides that will help surfers of all levels improve their skills.

Surfline – Receive real-time weather forecasts and surf reports with this app. In addition, you it offers access to over 300 HD beach cameras, photos, stories, news and more.

MSW Surf Forecast – Utilize this app to retrieve up to 14 days of weather forecasts. It also provides helpful data such as swell charts, live buoy data, tide graphs, beach locations and surf shops.

World Surf League  – This app makes it easy to keep up-to-date with your favorite athletes because it allows you to view live surfing competitions around the globe featuring the world’s best surfers.

goFlow – Share photos, messages, stories and surfing data with friends via this easy-to-use app.