The Ultimate Guide to Solo Travel

Family vacations and group excursions are great, but there is a certain freedom and excitement that can only be found by taking a trip all by yourself. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of being a solitary sojourner or perhaps you’ve got an upcoming business trip during which you’ll be alone in a new place. Whether you’re traveling solo by chance or by choice, make the most of your independent adventure by having some great resources close at hand.

Solo Traveling Safety

Adventure, excitement, and freedom are great reasons to travel by yourself, but safety should always come first. Use the resources in this section to boost your safety IQ and make sure that you’ve taken the necessary precautions and considerations before you set out. The links listed here will provide you with some incredibly valuable tools to help you stay safe during your travels.

Top 10 Tips For Solo Travelers – This tip page is a must-read for anyone thinking about independent travel. Follow these guidelines to make sure you are a safety-savvy traveler.

U.S.Dept. of State STEP – Traveling abroad? Register with the U.S. Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) before you go. Your information will be used to alert family members and appropriate agencies in the event that an emergency occurs in the area you’re visiting.

Safe Check In – For a small fee, you can subscribe to this helpful service for lone travelers. Just check in with the site and enter some information about your itinerary. If you don’t check back in when expected, an alert will be sent to your selected contact person so that they know you’re missing and also where to start looking for you.

Solo Travel Communities

Just because you travel alone, there’s no need to be lonely or feel disconnected from others. In fact, there are quite a few groups comprised exclusively of fellow indie travelers who enjoy sharing stories, advice, and anecdotes. Some groups also organize member meet-ups and house exchanges. Look to the following resources to find some great ways to stay connected to a larger community of kindred spirits.

Loners on Wheels – Loners on Wheels (LOW) is a longstanding group uniting single road-trippers around North America, particularly RVers and camping enthusiasts. If hitting the open road solo is your idea of a great vacation, look here to connect with others just like you.

Connecting Solo Travel Network – This site charges a one-time membership fee, which allows you full access to several publications about traveling by yourself. You’ll also be part of a large community of fellow travelers and be able to read reviews and even publish your own traveling tales for others to see. – This site is all about sharing the adventure of traveling alone. Here you’ll find articles with excellent insights and suggestions about destinations all over the world. You can even become a blogger for the group and share your own travel adventures.

Hostel World – Hostels provide an inexpensive option for the solitary traveler. Check out this vast index of hostels around the world, complete with reviews and ratings from fellow travelers.

Fun Solo Travel Blogs

Some of your most valuable resources as a solo traveler will come from others who have walked the road before you. There are some very savvy solo travelers out there who share their adventures – along with their insights and observations about the places they visit – through exciting and well-kept blogs. These ones are top-notch and are all filled with useful information, beautiful travel photos, and all kinds of other tools and resources to help make your lone excursions all the better.

Solo Female Traveler – This blog serves as a very nicely written chronicle of one woman’s adventures traveling the world by herself. Having fallen in love with the Middle East, most of her recent posts center around the people and places of that region. It’s a great idea to visit this site if you plan to travel there.

Solo Traveler Blog – This blog is all about traveling alone and there are posts about lots of useful topics like safety, how to go it alone without feeling lonely, and the best destinations for solo travelers

Solo Friendly – “All you need to travel is you.” That’s the motto of this renowned blog, written by a solitary traveler. She shares all kinds of tips and advice, along with great stories and photos.

Nomadic Matt – This independent traveler’s blog features tons of great advice so that you can live the author’s mantra and “travel better, cheaper, longer.” Matt’s tips are so good that they have been featured by numerous international media outlets.

More Helpful Sites and Articles

There’s a lot to know if you plan to embark on a solitary expedition, no matter if you’re traveling across the state or across the globe. If you’re still thirsty for information and handy travel tools, keep on reading. The resources in this section will help you solidify your itinerary, select an ideal destination, and even figure out what to do if you’re stuck in an airport for hours on end.

Choosing Where to Go – Want to travel but not sure where to go? It’s a big decision, since there are so many factors to consider – many you may not even be aware of. Read through this article for some questions you should ask yourself before choosing.

Aspiring Backpacker – This is an extensive and regularly updated website filled with information and resources for the newbie traveler. It’s a good place to begin if you are thinking of going on your first solitary trek.

Boots n’ All – This is a great site for those who prefer to go it alone when traveling. You’ll find a wealth of information and tools available for free including guides, trip planners, and lots of inspiration.

Layover Guide – This fun site is a unique and useful resource for solitary travelers. If you find yourself laid over in an airport – no matter where you are in the world – you can check here for airport-specific ways to make the most of it.