Ultimate Skiing and Snowboarding Resource Guide

If you’re inexperienced in the world of snow sports, there’s a way to tell whether you might like skiing or snowboarding better. If you enjoy ice skating, try skiing. If surfboarding is your pleasure, snowboarding may also appeal to you. This is because the movements of each pair of sports are similar to one another. Below, you’ll find online tutorials, appropriate travel destinations or tricks and tips related to skiing and snowboarding. However, this guide isn’t just for the novice. Even the most experienced skier or snowboarder can find something of use here within these 40 helpful resources that include U.S. and international skiing and snowboarding destinations, online magazines, podcasts, timelines, notable athletes and much more.


General Skiing and Snowboarding Resources

Within this general resources section, you’ll find skiing and snowboarding history, the anatomy of a ski, ski fashion throughout history and much more.

A Short History of Skis – Check out this interesting timeline that details the history of skis from pre-history to 1990.

Alpine Skiing Equipment and History – Whatever your interests are regarding Alpine skiing equipment and history, this site has you covered.

History of Snowboarding – Find out about the history of this unique sport from the once-popular Snurfer to Voile’s “split board”.

Facts about Skiing/Snowboarding Safety – Before you hit the snow, check out this site for practical information about keeping yourself safe.

The Top 10 Important Moments in Snowboarding History – The modern development of snowboarding began in the 1960s. Find out what Smithsonian.com considers the top ten moments of its decades-long existence.

Anatomy of a Ski – While a ski doesn’t seem to be comprised of too many parts, there’s actually a lot more going on than you might think.

Ski Fashion throughout the Years: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly – This entertaining article details ski fashion and equipment beginning in the early 20th century to modern times.


Notable Skiers and Snowboarders

This section details the top male and female Olympic skiers of all time as well as the male and female frontrunners in snowboarding.

The Top Male Olympic Skiers of All Time – What qualifies these guys as the greatest in their sport is the number of medals they won or if they happened to have a monumental national impact at the games.

The Top Female Olympic Skiers of All Time – Find out who the top female Olympic skiers are. There are 12 of them, and all of them have won medals in as many as three successive games.

Famous Male Snowboarders – This list of famous male snowboarders contains each one’s accomplishments, age, birthplace, nationality and any film credits to their name.

Famous Female Snowboarders – The 50 most famous female snowboarders comprise this list. You’ll find pictures and other important information for each one.


Skiing and Snowboarding U.S. Destinations

The United States is home to plenty of skiing and snowboarding destinations. However, the following ones are some of the best that we found.

Jackson Hole – This destination attracts both skiers and snowboarders with its chill factor and powdery slopes.

Lake Tahoe – To many, this is the ultimate ski destination on the planet with its fifteen downhill resorts and seven cross country areas.

Salt Lake City – Home of the Winter Olympic Games in 2002, this destination is home to popular luxury resorts such as Brighton Resort or Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort.

Telluride – While 5-star luxury hotels and high-end retail shopping are not present, Telluride boasts plenty of fabulous skiing, food and charm.

Finger Lakes – Whether your interests lie with downhill skiing or cross-country, this central New York region is perfect with ideal mountain conditions and close to 30 trails and parks.

Breckenridge – Due to annual winter snowfalls averaging approximately 25 feet and nearly 3,000 acres of ski area that includes 187 trails, there’s no doubt Breckenridge is a skier’s winter wonderland.

Steamboat Springs – If a variety of areas for different levels of skiers is your thing, plan a visit to Steamboat Springs. With its six mountain peaks, extensive trails and snowboarding opportunities, it has something for everyone.

Aspen – Beginners through experts can enjoy a vacation to Aspen, which offers multiple areas for snowboarders and skiers.


Skiing and Snowboarding International Destinations

If using your passport is more your style, check out these international destinations. Each has a something a bit different to offer.

Whistler Backcomb, British Columbia, Canada– Snow-covered acres, hundreds of trails, almost 40 lifts, several glaciers, groomed runs, cliffs and much more await you at this international destination.

Hokkaido, Japan – If your desire as a snowboarder is fresh snow and powder pillows, Hokkaido is the perfect destination.

Wanaka, New Zealand – Imagine expansive and open snowfields with no trees in sight. That’s what you’ll find in New Zealand – a snowboarder’s dream.

Innsbruck, Austria – As the capital of the Alps and former two-time host of the Winter Olympics, this Austrian town is also known a haven for skiers of all levels.

Riksgransen, Sweden – While it doesn’t open until late in February due to its geographic location, Riksgransen is world class for ski touring.

Chamonix, France – This destination is known as the site of the very first Winter Olympics way back in 1924. For skiers, it offers challenging runs on Mont Blanc, which is the highest mountain in the Alps.


Skiing and Snowboarding Tutorials

While it’s not practical or realistic to think you can learn to ski or snowboard with online resources alone, they can be helpful for things such as explaining the basics or giving you a more in-depth understanding of a trick or maneuver.

Snowboard Addictions – Find some of the world’s best snowboarding videos on this site such as “How to Turn on a Snowboard.”

Online Ski Lessons – These online ski lessons are intended as a supplement to personal instruction delivered by a snowboard or skiing instructor, not as a standalone resource.

Snow Professor – Discover helpful tips, drills and examples that you can apply to your own snowboarding technique.

Ski Tutorials – On this site, instructor Jake Muller offers helpful how-to video tutorials on all levels of skiing and ski gear.


Skiing and Snowboarding Publications

Learn about some of the best skiing and snowboarding publications available for browsing on the Web.

First Tracks!! Online Ski Magazine – This skiing and snowboarding online magazine features ski news, resort reviews, online videos and much more.

Freeskier Magazine – Follow the link to get your fill of skiing videos, photo galleries, gear reviews and much more.

Powder – Discover the latest news, photos, videos and ski reviews as well as skiing safety tips.

Snowboarder – Started in 1987 and ranked as one of the most-read magazines in snowboarding, this publication is super packed with photos and content.

Transworld Snowboarding – If keeping up with progressive snowboarding all over the globe is your thing, then this online magazine just might become your go-to resource.

The Ski Journal – Enjoy ski product reviews, videos and photo features with this journal from Funny Feelings LLC.

Skiing Magazine – Take advantage of gear reviews, skiing adventure destinations, skiing culture and much more.


Skiing and Snowboarding Podcasts

While not as exciting as being on the slopes, these podcasts can give you a glimpse into the lives of pro skiers and snowboarders and insights into the lifestyle of those who practice these snow-based sports.

Low Pressure Podcast – This weekly podcast features conversations with popular skiers and those who work behind the scenes.

Powder Radio – When you tune in to this interview-based podcast, you might hear the voices of seasoned skiers or those who belong to the new generation.

Totally Deep Podcast – The backcountry skiing lifestyle is the topic of this podcast and entertaining banter and in-depth knowledge is what it contains.

Totally Deep Backcountry Skiing Podcast – In this podcast, hosts Doug Stenclik and Randy Young cover technique, jargon, fashion and more related to uphill and backcountry skiing as well as snowboarding.