Ultimate Running Resource Guide

While running for recreation and exercise is relatively new, running as a competitive sport began thousands of years ago when the ancient Greeks began the Olympic Games in honor of the mythological God Zeus. Today, running is practiced by those interested in weight loss, physical fitness, stress relief, organized activities and competitive races. Below, you’ll find all sorts of resources for learning about the history of running, nutritional requirements, route planning, running gear, tips for better running, strengthening and stretching exercises and helpful running-related blogs, podcasts, and apps. No matter if you’re just beginning to run or you have years of experience, you’re sure to find something of interest within the 40 resources offered below.


General Running Resources

Within this general resources section, you’ll find information about the history of running, nutrition advice, calorie counting, a charitable opportunity and more.

The Popularization of Running in the United States – Check out this research guide written by Boston University students to explain how running became so popular in the United States and its after effects.

My Fitness Pal – This is the world’s largest free nutrition and calorie counting database. All you have to do is register.

Hal Higdon – Whatever type of race training plan you need, you can find it here on this organized site.

The 10 Nutrients Athletes Need Most – Even if you know you’re eating all the right things, that doesn’t mean your body is getting everything it needs. Find out what nutrients athletes need.

Soles 4 Souls – Do you have a pair of running shoes that just don’t work well for you? Find out how to donate them to a good cause.


Running Route Resources

This section offers resources to help you map running routes that will help you get the most out of your workout.

USATF Running Routes – Map your own routes and save them. Search archived routes via location, terrain, run length and more.

Daily Mile – Register to use this site that will allow you map and log runs, track training and connect with other runners via Facebook.

Gmaps Pedometer – This user-friendly site allows you to map routes, determine your distance and calculate calories expended.

MapMyRun – Users of this site can map and log their runs at no cost. It also offers premium features for a charge.

Plotaroute – Plot and share maps of your runs. To get started, all you need to do is create a free account.

Mapometer – This Google maps route planner allows you to map your runs and calculate distance and elevation profiles for starters.


Running Gear Resources

While you don’t need a ton of gear to begin running, you need the right gear to help you avoid injuries and other complications.

7 Secrets to Finding Your Perfect Running Shoe – Finding a great running shoe can seem elusive. Utilize this helpful guide to make it much easier.

Running Essentials Every Runner Needs – Running is one of those sports that doesn’t require a huge investment to get started. However, there are some basic things every runner needs. Check them out.

Running Network – When you’re in need of gear, but don’t know where to go, check out this searchable list of running stores.

The IRRA – This is a compiled list of running gear stores that belong to the Independent Running Retailer Association.


Running Tips

This list of running tips addresses injury prevention, stamina, races and much more. Check them out below.

The Physical Therapist’s Guide to Healthy Running – This short guide busts some of the many myths about running and gives runners of all levels insight into how to excel.

Injury Prevention for Runners – Learn how to stay injury-free while running, so you can continue to train on a consistent basis.

13 Race Day Tips for Newbie Beginners – If you’ve never run a race, this is your go-to guide. Start now so that you can be fully prepared for the challenge.

The Best Running Tips of All Time – If you want to improve your running performance and become stronger, check out these tips from top runners, coaches and doctors.


Running Stretching and Strengthening Exercises

Stretching and strengthening are two important practices for runners. Learn more from the helpful resources and expert advice below.

Runner’s Guide – This guide, from the Sports Medicine Institute International, explains strengthening exercises as well as stretching and self-massage techniques, complete with pictures.

Essential Stretches for Running – Clare Kersley, Osteopath & Sports Massage Therapist details these essential stretches for running with step-by-step instructions and helpful photos.

Flexibility Training for Runners – From the Furman Institute of Running and Scientific Training comes this guide about flexibility training to help you learn how to stretch your muscles, prevent injuries and promote the max range of motion for your joints.

Runner’s Knee Exercises – This 10-minute video rehab from Injury Rehabilitation Specialist James Dunne offers three knee exercises that will help you overcome knee injuries.

Myrtl Routine – Coach Jay Johnson offers this routine to help strengthen the hip girdle area, which is an essential area for increasing performance and decreasing injury when running.

Five Exercises to Do Before Every Run – This dynamic routine takes approximately 5 minutes, and may help you increase your stamina while running.


Running Blogs

Find plenty of articles, interviews and pro advice on these blogs related to the sport of running.

Runners World – If you’re interested in running, this blog is a go-to. Check out the “For Beginners Only” section of this site if you’re a novice runner.

Cool Running – Visit this blog to get tons of running-related information and articles for runners.

Strength Running – Jason Fitzgerald authors this blog that shares his personal tips on how to be a better runner. He’s a top marathoner, USATF-certified coach and author.

Hungry Runner Girl  – Janae, runner since she was 12 and participant in nine marathons, is the writer of this blog that covers her experiences.

The Science of Running – The Science of Running shares hundreds of free articles, newsletters, and hours of audio interviews from performance coach, author and lecturer coach Steve Magness.


Running Podcasts

Training, nutrition, interviews, news, humor and more are what you’ll discover in these top-rated running podcasts.

Runners Connect – Tina Muir, professional runner hosts this podcast that offers in-depth interviews with runners who are interesting or who have made the news.

Another Mother Runner – Veteran marathon runner Sarah Bowen Shea hosts this podcast that features rotating co-hosts and expert guests. Discussions focus on training, nutrition, motivation and more with a side of humor.

I’ll Have Another With Lindsay Hein – This podcast includes chats with amateur and elite runners and covers their personal stories and careers.

Embrace Running – This podcast delivers episodes about gear, training, nutrition, race reports and more.


Running Apps

Need a workout plan? Need a new route? Need an activity tracker? How about an audio coach to help you meet your running goal? Check out these running apps to fulfill whatever needs you have.

C25K – This app was designed for beginning runners or those who find it difficult to commit to running. It includes an eight-week plan that requires three 30-minute workouts each week.

RunGo – With its library of more than 40,000 worldwide routes, voice navigation and the option to create your own route, this app is a must for the serious runner.

Human – The purpose of this app is to encourage users to get moving for at least 30 minutes per day. It tracks physical activity and lets you compare your progress to the progress of other users.

Runtastic – If you would benefit from having an audio coach, complete with virtual cheering this app is for you. It also offers local weather information.

Fitso Running and Fitness Coach – Fitso tracks data from your workouts and suggests a diet that will help you lose or maintain weight.

Running With Endomondo – This app offers tracking capabilities for duration, speed, distance and calories. It has also has some impressive social components that will allow you to connect with other runners.