Ultimate Kayaking Resource Guide

If you take part in kayaking, you’re participating in a tradition that’s thousands of years old. Although, for the most part, modern kayaking is more about recreation than transportation and survival. However you use your kayak, this guide is for you. It’s packed with ready-to-go links for tutorials, gear reviews, magazines, apps, blogs, destinations and much more. No matter what type of kayaking information you’re seeking, you’re sure to discover something valuable within the 40 resources offered below.


General Kayaking Resources

Within this general resources section, you’ll find out about things like the history of the word “kayak,” kayaking terms, paddling clubs, kayaking tips and more.

The History of the Word “Kayak” – If you’re interested in all things kayak, you’re probably interested in the etymology of the word. Follow the link, and check it out.

Glossary of Recreational Kayaking Terms – If you are new to paddling in a kayak, this glossary of kayaking terms will likely be of interest.

12 Reasons to Start Paddling – If you can’t come up with a reason to start kayaking yet, check out this list of 12 reasons for inspiration.

Paddling Clubs – Paddling clubs are a way to bond with other people over a sport you all enjoy. This bulk of this list includes paddling clubs located in North America.

Calories Burned Kayaking – Not only is kayaking fun, it also burns calories. Find out many calories you can say goodbye to with this helpful application.

Kayaking With Kids – This comprehensive guide will help you expertly plan your first or next kayaking trip with kids.

5 Secrets to a Perfect Paddling Day Trip – Day trips are popular among kayakers, and a little forethought and preparation can go a long way. Check out these five secrets for more information.


Kayaking Destinations

When you get tired of day trips, the following resources can help you find the perfect destination for your dream kayaking trip.

Top 10 Dream Sea Kayaking Trips – If sea kayaking is your thing, look over this list of 10 dream trips — from Alaska to Botswana.

Fourteen Best Places to Canoe and Kayak on National Forests – If wild rivers, expansive lakes and beautiful scenery sound appealing, perhaps a kayaking trip to a national forest in order.

Kayaking for Beginners: 10 Best Places in the World to Go Kayaking – Beginning kayakers need their own suggestions for appropriate destinations. Browse this list for ideas.

Kayaking Spots with Glacial Ice – If you’ve ever wanted to paddle among glacial ice, check out this list of kayaking spots that will deliver.

10 of the Best Cities for Kayaking – If you’re planning a European vacation, kayak in-tow, check out this list of 10 best cities for enjoying the sport.


Kayaking Tutorials and Tips

If you’ve never kayaked before, this section is a must. If you have, you can still learn something new. Check out the links to see what you can find.

How to Safely Get in and out of a Kayak – If you’re new to the sport, check out this video from Ken Whiting, expert kayaking instructor to help you understand how to get in and out of a kayak.

Getting Started Kayaking – Before you launch your kayak for the first time, take advantage of expert advice from experienced instructors at the REI outdoor store.

Kayaking Tutorials – Check out this site for tutorials about the basics of kayaking. It features descriptions and animations that are helpful for understanding.

Kayaking Video Lessons – Join Kayak instructor Mike Aronoff for this series of 13 videos that explain everything from the fundamentals of kayaking to how to perform specific paddling strokes.

20 Things Every Paddler Needs to Know – Just like with any sport, there’s a learning curve to perfect your skills. Get there faster by reading this list of things paddlers need to know.


Kayaking Gear Reviews

Kayaking gear can be expensive, so don’t take a chance. Instead, invest some time in reading reviews to find that perfect piece of gear you’ve been dreaming about.

Paddling.com – Find reviews for different types of kayaks and associated gear on this site. The site also has a way to search for reviews by manufacturer.

Trailspace.com – The site has review sections for all types of kayaks, including folding and inflatable styles. You can also find reviews for apparel, accessories, safety gear and waterproof storage products.

Austin Kayak – Check out the product reviews section of this site. You’ll find reviews related to yak angler kits, fish finders, PFDs and more.

Kayaker Guide – Check out this site to find a wealth of kayak reviews from brands like Old Town, Sun Dolphin, Perception and Pelican.

Kayak Reviews – Find review guides for kayak categories such as touring, fishing, beginner, floating, cheap and more.


Kayaking Fishing Resources

Browse the list below to discover some of the best kayak fishing resources available on the Web.

11 Essential Saltwater Kayak Fishing Tips – Don’t be caught unprepared when kayak saltwater fishing. Read this list of essentials before your trip.

Fishing Kayaks: How Do You Choose? – This article, written by a fisherman who owns 10 kayaks, is the perfect guide to help you sort through all the different types of fishing kayaks available and determine which type is right for you.

All Kayak Fishing Forums – Find forums for fishing reports, fishing discussion, kayak reviews, fishing tournaments and more.

Yak Angler.com – Check out this site for a wide variety of forums related to saltwater and freshwater kayak fishing as well as specific gear b brands and kayaking hacks.

Kayak Hacks Fishing – Experienced kayak fisherman Steve Moore posts two weekly tips related to kayak hacks each Sunday and Wednesday. Check it out.


Kayaking Publications

What’s better than an online magazine dedicated to kayaking? Not much if you’re a kayaking enthusiast. Best of all, these picks offer at least some free issues if not all.

Canoe and Kayak Magazine – Get information about kayaking techniques, videos, stories, photos and destination ideas.

Paddler E-zine – This international online magazine was created especially for recreational paddlers. You’ll find news, features, commentary, video and more.

DBP Magazine Online – Read stories of paddlers from all over the world, and enjoy interviews with icons of the sport.

Southern Kayak Fishing – In this free online magazine, you’ll find feature articles, product reviews, how-to articles and beautiful photography dedicated to the sport of kayak fishing.

Kayak Angler Magazine – All you have to do is register, and you can access the magazine archives for free. Click on any magazine cover to read it.


Kayaking Blogs and Podcasts

This mixture of blog and podcast resources are aimed at the beginning kayaker, the sea kayaker and kayak fishermen.

Smart Start Kayaking – This blog is targeted at the beginning kayaker. If you’re just starting out, check out the helpful articles.

Kayak Fishing Radio – If you are kayak-fishing enthusiast, you’ll feel right at home when you listen to Kayak Fishing Radio. Take your pick of over 800 on-demand episodes.

Sea Kayak Podcasts – Enjoy a plentiful selection of interviews with some of the world’s most fascinating sea kayakers.

Kayak Fishing Blog – Whether you’re already into kayak fishing or you’re considering starting, this blog has tons of helpful information.


Kayaking Apps

Check out an online community, start a logbook, check the weather or learn something new with one or more of these top kayaking apps.

Kayaklog – Consider this app your digital logbook for all data related to your kayaking trips.

Paddle Ready – No matter whether you’re a novice or a veteran, this app has something for everyone in the way of knowledge and support related to kayaking.

Whitewater Kayak Community – Join other whitewater kayaking enthusiasts on this leading online community for the sport.

AccuWeather – This free app can help you stay apprised of the weather no matter where your kayaking adventure takes you. No matter whether you are kayaking on the lake or sea you need to check the weather status.