The Ultimate Fly Fishing Resource Guide

As arguably the most unique and artful style of angling, fly fishing has grown in popularity and continues to draw more enthusiasts each year. Use the resources in this guide to learn more about fly fishing techniques, connect with the worldwide fly fishing community and learn about the sport’s history. Consider this the “everything you ever wanted to know about fly fishing” guide.

The Best Fly Fishing Sites

These sites are the cream of the crop when it comes to good all-around fly fishing websites. Visit them to find hundreds of articles, advice from experts, product reviews, and active user forums where you can chat with fellow fly fishermen everywhere. You can trust these sites to provide accurate and current information, and only the best in fly fishing content.

Fly Anglers Online — Fly Anglers Online is a digital magazine chock full of archived articles, tutorials, and lots more. Visit the chat rooms to talk with other fly fishers about locations, fly types, techniques, or just about anything else you can think of. — Midcurrent is one of the most comprehensive fly fishing websites on the Internet with industry news and reviews, fly fishing art, gear, active chat forums, and even an “ask the experts” section.

The Fly Fishing Forum — This great site is always abuzz with new articles, news, and other great stuff. Head over to the chat rooms to talk with other anglers about all things fly fishing. Forum discussions run the gamut, from region-based tips to introductory etymology.

Fly Fisherman Magazine — The online companion for the printed publication of the same name, Fly Fisher Magazine has loads of expert articles, beautiful fishing photos, friendly forums, and more.

Fly Fishing Education

If you need to learn how to tie knots, identify insects, or get expert opinions on fly fishing questions and conundrums, check out the sites listed in this section. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about fly fishing. There’s always something to be learned, whether you haven’t yet cast your first fly and want some guidance or you’re a seasoned expert looking for tips from the pros. Flyfishing Pages — This section of is dedicated to fly fishing. It has articles on all kinds of fly fishing related topics. Keep up with the latest tournament stats, get a lesson on fish species, or brush up on your casting technique.

Ask About Fly Fishing — Browse through almost 200 recorded interviews with expert fly fisherman answering questions about equipment, technique, locations, and much more.

Basic Fly Fishing Etymology — Basic insect identification is something you’ll probably want to study if you plan to get serious about fly fishing. This excellent article gives a simple explanation of classification and identification of the insects you’ll find at fly fishing spots around the Western United States.

Fly Fishing Knot Tying Basics — Get a tutorial (with illustrations) on tying the basic types of fly fishing knots.

Fly Fishing for a Cause

These groups are doing great things with fly fishing. Follow these links and you’ll find organizations that work to support and advocate for fly fishing and its enthusiasts. You’ll also see how fly fishing can be used as a powerful tool for healing and for positive change. Check out the great work done by these groups to promote fly fishing as a trade, a sport, and as a way to improve quality of life.

International Federation of Fly Fishers — The IFFF supports and advocates for the US fly fishing community through its involvement in conservation, education, and political action. Get involved, find helpful articles, and look at digitized museum exhibits.

American Fly Fishing Trade Association — AFFTA, the world’s only working trade organization for the fly fishing industry, works to promote the growth and prosperity of fly fishing.

Reel Recovery — This charitable group seeks to provide men across the country who are battling cancer the opportunity to cope and heal by enjoying the benefits of fly fishing. Reel Recovery plans outings where men are encouraged to share their stories, feelings, and fears while enjoying the beauty of nature and the fun of fly fishing.

Project Healing Waters — This organization works to promote physical and emotional healing of disabled military veterans through fly fishing. They facilitate group outings and educational events throughout the United States. Use their site to find out about volunteering and donation opportunities, or to find out about using the program to help you or someone you know.

Casting for Recovery — Casting for Recovery works with women fighting breast cancer. The nationwide nonprofit was founded by a breast cancer surgeon and fly fisherman who believed that the beauty of nature and the friendships formed over fishing can have powerful healing effects. Learn more, donate, or sign up for a retreat in your area.

Fly Fishing for Kids

Contrary to what some may believe, even fairly young kids can learn to fly fish. Experiencing the fun and the challenge of fly fishing at an early age can plant the seed for a lifelong love of the sport. Check out the sites in this section to find advice for parents, articles and videos for young fly fishers, and other resources for young anglers. — This site, named for its young founder, is dedicated to all-things fly fishing and is just for kids! There’s a blog, tutorials and tips, videos, and lots more.

Take Kids Fly Fishing — The name is rather self explanatory, as this site works to put you in touch with all kinds of resources to help you get out there and get fly fishing with your kids. Purchase gear, see photos of kid fly fishers, and get lots of tips and tutorials — there are even fun contests for kids to enter.

Teaching Kids to Fly Fish — Go here for expert advice on taking children fly fishing for the first time. This simple article, written by a parent and fly fisherman, takes you through some great tips for successfully teaching kids how to fly fish.

Basic Fly Tying for Kids — This series of fly tying lessons from Kidfish is geared toward kids in grades 5-7. Each tying project is more difficult than the one before, and builds on skills gained in previous lessons. Explore the site to find more fun fly fishing articles and learning tools.

More Great Fly Fishing Sites to Visit

There are still a few more places to find excellent information about fly fishing. Learn about the history of fly fishing, and how it has evolved over the years. Or, browse through digitized exhibits from a fly fishing museum. There’s even an article about nymph fly fishing.

A Fly Fishing History — Visit this page to learn about fly fishing’s long history from how the first reel design was decided upon to the replacement of horsehair with silkworm gut.

American Museum of Fly Fishing — Since 1968, the American Museum of Fly Fishing has housed the world’s biggest collection of fly fishing memorabilia and artifacts.

All About Nymphing — This article, found within the pages of the University of Kentucky’s website, discusses the form of fly fishing known as nymphing. Get an incredibly educated and in-depth explanation of this expert-level area of the sport.

International Women Fly Fishers — IWFF works to support women fly fishers by providing education and resources to bring them together. Check their site to get involved, or to access the many helpful articles and guides written by members.