Staying Active: An Exercise Guide for Kids

It’s a fact that kids who exercise regularly have a greatly reduced risk of developing serious health problems as adults. Kids today tend to get less physical activity than previous generations, many of them spending several hours in front of a computer or TV screen every day. With childhood obesity on the rise experts, officials, parents, and teachers are working together to make sure that kids get plenty of exercise and create a healthier future. This page is full of free resources for anyone looking to help kids get excited about physical fitness.

Sites For Teachers and Parents

Parents and educators can help kids establish healthy habits that will last a lifetime by teaching the value of daily physical activity. Use the materials in this section to help motivate kids to get up and get active. Find fitness challenges for different age groups, tips for keeping children engaged in a long-term fitness plan, and lots more.

Kids on the Move — This page has some really useful tips on getting kids of any age motivated, and for teaching them about the importance of leading an active lifestyle.

PBS Kids Eat Smart — This parent resource page focuses on healthy eating, which goes hand-in-hand with leading an active lifestyle. Find ways to teach your kids about food, wholesome recipes you can make together, tips for healthy eating on a budget, and lots more.

Free Healthy Goals Printables — This page is full of quality printables designed to help kids set and achieve health and fitness goals. From cute posters about the five food groups and portion sizes to pledge sheets and activity trackers, there’s an impressive collection of useful materials to be found here.

The President’s Challenge — For many years, the President’s Challenge program has provided an array of free fitness education resources for schools and parents. There are specific challenges available for kids of all ages and abilities.

Cool Fitness Pages for Kids

Here are some sites where kids can go to learn about healthy lifestyle choices in a fun and friendly environment. They can keep tabs on their favorite athletes or read through age-appropriate information about the benefits of staying active. They’ll also learn about how important daily activity is through cool simulations and games. There’s even a place where kids and teens can ask a personal trainer questions about fitness and health.

Physical Activity Tools and Resources — This page was created by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute to provide resources to help kids get in shape and stay that way. Find fitness facts, interesting articles, games and more.

Kidnetic — This is a fun site focused on encouraging kids to adopt healthy habits like eating right and getting more exercise. There are recipes, games, fitness challenges, and more.

ElectriKids — This user-friendly site is all about kids’ health. They can design their own customized workout, submit questions for a certified personal trainer, and even find out how to have a fitness assembly at their school.

Sports Illustrated for Kids — This junior version of the famed sports magazine features kid-friendly articles about sports teams and athletes, online games, contests, and more. Getting a firsthand look into the world of sports can remind kids of the dedication to physical fitness that their favorite athletes must have in order to succeed.

Government Pages About Kids Fitness

Several sectors of the U.S. government have programs to help raise awareness about the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle and to give parents and teachers the tools they need to implement fitness programs at home or school. Use the links below to see what some of these programs have to offer.

Physical Activity for Kids — On this page, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has posted some excellent ways you can help kids meet physical activity guidelines. There are even some testimonials from kids and teens sharing their favorite ways to stay active.

Let’s Move! — This link will take you to the official site of the U.S. Government’s “Let’s Move” campaign. The program aims at getting kids motivated to lead active, healthy lives. Find ideas and tips, recipes, activity guides, and take the pledge to get moving.

Exercise and Fitness Resources — On this page you’ll find links to helpful teacher resources that anyone can use. There are lots of great lesson plans and ideas here.

AHA Healthier Kids — Use these helpful suggestions and resources from the American Heart Association to get your kids to engage in physical activities. You’ll find sample eating plans, activity guides, and tools to help you reduce the amount of time kids spend in front of a TV or computer screen.

Game and Activity Ideas

If you want to get your kids moving but need a little inspiration, browse through these sites. They all have some fun and creative ideas for games and activities that you can do with kids to keep them active. There are even some things you can do indoors when the weather is bad or you’re stuck somewhere that you can’t go outside.

Easy Fitness Activities for Kids — This “How Stuff Works” page shows you tons of fun ways for kids to get a work out. From picking up pennies with their toes to a hiking treasure hunt, you should be able to find just the right activity to do with your kids.

18 Get-Off-the-Couch Games — Don’t let a rainy day stop your kids from staying active. Check out these fun and active indoor games for kids.

Classic Kids Games —This simple directory is full of great active games for young kids to play. You can search by game type or name, or just browse through all of them and find something interesting to try. Most adults will remember many of these games from their own childhood.

Fitness Activities for Kids — This PDF from Physical Health Education Canada has some excellent ideas for teaching kids about fitness, along with some great ways to engage them through fun physical activities.