Travel Guide for BBQ Lovers

Barbecue, BBQ or barbeque – no matter how you spell it, it all adds up to the same thing: slow-cooked, smoked deliciousness. This popular cuisine, which can currently be found in a wide variety of forms throughout the U.S., dates back hundreds of years. Over time, barbecue has evolved into distinct regional preparations that are defined by preparation, cooking and saucing methods. Start planning your next barbecue destination by browsing over 40 of the best BBQ-related resources online. Learn about the states that are famous for their barbecue as well as the best joints to try.


General BBQ Travel Resources

Find historical facts, polls, guides, dining dos and don’ts and information about reheating leftover BBQ in this section of general resources.

The Evolution of American Barbecue – Find out how the BBQ we know today came to be. This article details the beginning roots of U.S BBQ to the creation of the different regional styles and how they compare.

The United States of Barbecue – This article details poll results from the poll, “Barbecue Lifestyle, Usage & Attitude,” by the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA).

A Guide to Regional BBQ of the USA – This guide is a go-to to understand the differences between barbecue in the various regions of the U.S.

The Dos and Don’ts of BBQ – When dining on BBQ there are dos and don’ts that you should adhere to. Follow the link to find out what they are.

How Pitmasters Reheat BBQ Leftovers – It’s not uncommon to dine on BBQ and have leftovers. Find out how to best reheat those leftovers the next day from the masters.


Texas BBQ Travel Resources

Out of the many U.S. states that are known for barbecue, Texas is a state that is at the top of the list. Discover why below.

The List: The Top 50 Barbecue Joints in Texas – Starting in 1973, the iconic publication Texas Monthly began compiling and publishing lists of the top places to eat BBQ in Texas. The link above takes you to its 5th list.

20 Texas BBQ Joints You Probably Don’t Know About – This list of 20 barbecue restaurants was compiled from nominations of Texas barbecue lovers.

Where the Locals Eat Barbecue – Find out where the locals choose to dine on BBQ in the capital of the Lone Star State – Austin.

37 Things You Need to Know About Texas BBQ – These 37 things are factual information served up with a side of humor for your reading pleasure.

7 Secrets for Eating Texas BBQ Like a Pro – Before you hit the BBQ trail in Texas, check out the tips for eating like a pro instead of a novice.


Louisiana BBQ Travel Resources

Louisiana is well-known for its flavorful cuisine, and barbecue is definitely part of it. Find out more about it and where to find the best offerings below.

10 Best BBQ Joints in New Orleans – When visiting the “Big Easy,” check out one — or more — of these barbecue destinations.

The 10 Best Places for Barbecue in Louisiana – If you find yourself in Louisiana and you want something other than Cajun or Creole fare, check out this list of the 10 best places for BBQ.

Finger-Licking Good Barbecue in Baton Rouge – See what Baton Rouge has to offer in the way of barbecue, including pulled-pork, ribs, brisket and much more.

Smoke BBQ – If you find yourself in the vicinity of Covington, LA, you might want to check out this BBQ Nirvana.


Georgia BBQ Travel Resources

Home to some of the world’s best barbecue, Georgia doesn’t just place focus on the meat – they also create some of the best sides to go with it. Check out the eating options below.

Georgia BBQ – Learn about the history and tradition of barbecue in Georgia as well as some top picks for eating it.

Best Barbecue Joints in Georgia – Find out where to go when the mood for barbecue strikes and you’re anywhere in the Peach State.

10 Mouthwatering BBQ Spots in Georgia – While this resource isn’t as detailed as other links, it will clue you into some of the most delicious barbecue destinations in Georgia.

7 Barbecue Joints You Have to Try in Georgia – While there might be some BBQ spots on this list that are also on other lists, each list gives a little different perspective to those who enjoy eating BBQ.


North Carolina Travel BBQ Resources

If a visit to North Carolina is on your agenda, be sure to check out the following resources that will help you understand the types of barbecue offered and where to find them.

Lexington BBQ Tour – Lexington, North Carolina is known as the barbecue capital of the state. Find out where to eat when visiting.

BBQ North Carolina – With this helpful app, you can locate every single BBQ restaurant located in North Carolina.

Seven BBQ Joints in the Raleigh Area – Check out these seven barbecue places in the Raleigh, North Carolina area to find out what they have to offer.

Why Are There Two Styles of NC Barbecue? – In North Carolina, there’s Eastern-style and Lexington-style BBQ, but how did they come to be?

Which NC BBQ is the Healthiest? – Discover the particulars about each type of North Carolina BBQ – Eastern or Lexington.


South Carolina Travel BBQ Resources

The people of South Carolina are so serious about their barbecuing results, four finishing sauces exist. Browse the resources in this section to find out more about what makes this state’s BBQ offerings so special.

Where to Find South Carolina’s Best Barbecue – This helpful list details the best BBQ spots South Carolina has to offer. It’s divided by spots in Charleston and spots elsewhere in the state.

The Most Underrated BBQ in South Carolina – Are you looking for BBQ spots that are more obscure but just as delicious as the more popular ones? Check out this article from Southern Living BBQ editor and author Robert Moss.

South Carolina Barbecue  – Learn about the time-honored traditions of South Carolina that result in great barbecue creations.

A South Carolina Barbecue Primer – Discover the four different regions of barbecue existing in South Carolina in this article from The Washington Post.


California BBQ Travel Resources

Yes, California has its own corner on the barbecue market, but you’ll have to make a trip to find out what it’s really all about.

Santa Maria BBQ – Find out about this obscure style of barbecue and what makes it authentic. Tip: It’s only done right in one area of California.

Santa Maria BBQ Restaurants – Get restaurant recommendations for sampling or feasting on this unique and lesser-known style of barbecue.

12 Impressive Stops for Central Coast Barbecue in California – If you’ve never tried tri-tip, this stretch of coast between San Francisco and L.A. is a must-visit.

Foodbeast – Follow the link to find out why California is one of the most underrated BBQ destinations in America.

11 Mouthwatering Southern California BBQ Joints – Check out these 11 barbecue stops that are described as some of the best in the lower part of the state.


Tennessee BBQ Travel Resources

This section will make you a near-expert on the different variations of barbecue that Tennessee has to offer.

Tennessee BBQ – Learn about the history of BBQ in the “Volunteer State” as well as top BBQ joint picks.

Tennessee is Home to the Nation’s Best BBQ – Find out about the various styles of barbecue and how they differ across the state of Tennessee.

Best Memphis Barbecue – The Travel Channel offers its favorite picks from Memphis, TN barbecue offerings.

Nearly Everything You Need to Know About Memphis Barbecue – Whatever you want to know about Memphis barbecue, this guide has you covered.

A Guide to Memphis-Style Barbecue – As one of the capitals of barbecue, Memphis offerings encompass many different styles. Learn more by following the link.

4 Memphis Barbecue Spots You Need to Try – Designated as “diamonds in the pork,” these four BBQ spots are recommended as a must-try by Blake Marcum, Memphis in May Barbecue Contest Grand Champion.

The 12 Best Barbecue Spots in All of Tennessee – Check out this list of 12 places to eat barbecue in Tennessee, which are no particular order because they’re all described as top-spot worthy.


Missouri BBQ Travel Resources

When people think of barbecue destinations in Missouri, St. Louis and Kansas City often come to mind. However, the state has many more locations for great barbecue. Check them out below.

Definitive Proof That Missouri Has the Best Barbecue – Discover some well-known Missouri BBQ spots as well as some great spots that are lesser known.

Kansas City’s Best Barbecue Restaurants – This Kansas City Travel Guide from USA Today will help you find your way to some of the best barbecue joints in the city.

The Best BBQ Joints in St. LouisSt. Louis Magazine lists and describes its opinion about the best places to partake in a barbecue feast in St. Louis.

Yelp Ranks Top 25 BBQ Restaurants in Missouri – When it comes to choosing a barbecue destination, why not listen to people who’ve been there? Yelp’s rankings for these top 25 come from the number of reviews and star ratings.